Dear Fifth Grade Parent,                                                                                            February, 2018

We are a group of sixth grade parents who have been involved in the struggle against the newly adopted Summit Learning Platform in our school district. This program, which is an online and self-directed program, has replaced the traditional curriculum and will be presented to you this year as an “opt-in” possibility for your child’s sixth grade. We feel very strongly that this platform does not provide the amount and quality of education we believe our children should get from our school, but we did not have a choice and our children were enrolled in this program without our knowledge or consent.

Since the beginning of the school year, we did a lot of research and we brought our grievances repeatedly in front of the School Board. The School Board has decided that the continuation of this program depends upon the level of student enrollment next year in both sixth and seventh grade. If it turns out that the program is popular among the students and their families, the plan is to expand it through the entire Junior High. The initial plan was to implement it from grades third to twelfth. At this time, the expansion plans are limited to grades sixth through eight. If the students and their parents reject it in large enough numbers, the platform will be abandoned.

We realize how difficult it is to make a decision before one has been directly exposed to the platform. Six months ago, we did not even know such a program existed. Today, our letters to the Board, stories and many articles about the subject can be viewed on the website we created:

Any contributions, personal stories or questions can be sent to the e-mail address:

Please, kindly take some time from your busy schedule and review the information we gathered over the past few months. We hope it will help you to make an informed decision for your child.



Dina Baunoch

Mihaela Nowak

Heather Powers

Julie Brunetto & et al.