Dear Sixth Grade Parent,                                                                                           February, 2018


We are a group of parents who are opposing the administration’s decision to replace the traditional curriculum with the Summit Learning Platform which is an online and self-directed program. We feel that the way it was implemented, without proper vetting and consent, was rash and did a great disservice to our children. We also feel that the platform has not delivered the benefits of personalized learning initially advertised and that it is, essentially, a marginal experiment which does not provide the amount and the quality of education we feel our schools should provide.

For the past 4 months, we have presented to the School Board our grievances and objections. The School Board has decided to put the fate of this program in the parents’ hands for the upcoming years. The platform will be offered as an “opt-in” possibility for next year’s sixth and seventh graders. The initial plan was to be gradually implemented for grades third through twelfth, but the current plan is to expand it only throughout Junior High, sixth through eighth grades.  If, however, the parents’ approval of the program is very low, and only a few parents will choose to opt in, the platform will be abandoned.

By now, every family has had experience with the program, with various degrees of satisfaction. We spent the last few months gathering as much information as we could find about a program we knew nothing 6 months ago.

If you can take some time from your busy schedule, we invite you to visit the website we created for the benefit of anyone willing to gather more information. You will find there some of the letters we sent to the School Board members, personal stories and many articles pertaining to the subject.

The website’s address is:

We have also created an e-mail address where you can send us your story, comments, questions, or other articles and literature:


Thank you for your time,

Dina Baunoch

Mihaela Nowak

Heather Powers

Julie Brunetto & et al.