Nov. 16, 2017

Dear IASD School Board members:

I am writing to share my concerns about the way that sexual relations and alcoholism are treated in a video that was presented on my daughter’s “playlist” for a recent social studies lesson. This video:

aside from being overly complex and quick-moving (it was hard for two adult Ph.D. holders to follow) mocks sexual relations and alcoholism.

I have attached a still from the video, where an obscene hand gesture is depicted as the narrator talks about "skiddlypooping." the video also showed a cartoon of drunken men against the backdrop of a large glass of beer and thanks German immigrants for bring their beer recipes to America to make "getting drunk" easier. The narrator then makes a "joking" aside about alcoholism.

At the recent school board meeting, I was surprised that a parent credited "California values" as the problem with this content. I am from California. I would be considered very liberal by most of my acquaintance.  However, I take addiction and sexual responsibility very seriously. Seeing such things mocked has nothing to do with California values and makes me very upset and concerned.

My husband and I just noticed all of this because we were trying to help our daughter study. She had previously watched the video on her own, and said she couldn't understand it.

Please consider allowing the teachers at the Junior High more time and/or resources to vet this material before passing the pre-made playlists on to our children.


Dr. Heather Powers