Summit Learning: Pros and Cons - a list by an 11-year-old


Sorry I couldn't think of any


  • We suddenly have a LOT of responsibility
  • It makes us feel a lot more stressed than we should (my friends think so too)
  • A lot of people get headaches from staring at screens (including me)
  • We have less human interaction than we should
  • Our teachers don't have to help us due to HUGE classes
  • The videos are blocked sometimes
  • The videos are hard to follow
  • Math class is completely confusing for everyone I have asked (we need someone to explain what we're doing wrong to us)
  • A lot of people are behind because the videos are usually terrible at explaining things
  • We don't get to enjoy working with other kids (not even on a Google doc or slide)
  • Summit is kind of just like the Wikipedia of cyber schools because anyone can add stuff and anyone can use it
  • It feels like we're in cyber school but much much worse